Wine and Dine with a Crocodile + 12 Mile Bird Park


$355 per person

- 5.5 hours

Cruise the highway and see the real Kimberley



After picking you up (from your accommodation) we cruise the highway and see the real Kimberley. Heading to an Outback Roadhouse to have lunch. On arrival, relax in the pleasant beer garden, after your 50km ride, watching massive road-trains coming and going.

Check out an amazing private collection of old road signs from around the world while munching on a juicy steak or your selection from the vast menu. Belly full, we jump back on the Hog Trike or Limo Trike™, and riding through Roebuck Plains Cattle Station heading for 12 Mile Community we check out massive native termite mounds on our way, the story behind these destructive little critters is amazing.

Moving on we stop at a Gubinge Tree, the richest vitamin C fruit known to man, learn how the world wants this amazing fruit. Next, to the Mango Place, for wine tastings and even a smoothie. Meet the crew of characters that run this tropical oasis out in the middle of nowhere. Done with the tastings, CROCS ARE CALLING! Back on the highway, we head into the jaws of the croc that welcomes us to The Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park. Here we come face to face with the worlds ugliest crocodile, ZOOEY, and meet MANIAC, the most dangerous crocodile in the world! See up to 60 crocodiles in a feeding frenzy in one billabong. Have a chat with one of the many Dingoes, check out one of the worlds most dangerous birds, the Southern Cassowary, be hooted and stared out by a selection of Australias owls, plus much much more. Plenty of photo opportunities here. Following feeding (and a guided feeding park tour), we climb high on the hog to return safely back to Broome. This is an adrenalin and action packed tour. Lunch, tastings, and Wilderness Park entry fees are all included.

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We're here to help you get a dose of adrenaline as you see Broome from the back of the original and best Trike Tour in Broome.